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kiwi guy Needing to explore new experiences and extend my limitations and boundaries.

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Their names? Brandon had no idea. And what had really happened was still kind of blurry

Me in the sauna after a hard work out


😈 anywhere I demand you to 😈

fucking love DP action

perfect eager self abusing fag

Love that slap!

Would love to do this!


My Bull called to tell me he was bring a couple of friends this evening. My husband helped me get ready for a wild night. When the time came, he met them at the door with drinks and led them into the living room. He came to our bedroom and said there were 6 friends with my Bull. I took a deep breath and said β€œOK BABE, SEND THEM IN”. I heard the door close behind him. A minute later I could feel myself surrounded by body heat. My husband stood by with his camera so I could re-live the whole experience later. I love my husband. He is so good to me.